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Okay maybe this has always been a thing but recently my husband’s family introduced me to the idea of blueberry ice cream and I fell in love. We don’t know exactly why it works but there is some magic that happens when frozen blueberries hit cold milk and it is just amazing. I’ve been slightly obsessed with it ever since, tweaking and adjusting the recipe until I it was just right and this is it! A little vanilla, a little sugar, creamy soymilk, it all works together to make absolutely delicious soft serve like ice cream in moments and even better it’s filled with freshly frozen blueberries (we picked an outrageous amount at a you-pick farm and froze all 60 cups for moments like these haha)! I think it would work with other frozen fruit as long as it’s in small pieces and you could even try different extracts like mint or coconut, just have fun playing around with it!

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